Mac: Without the Caffeine

We at Shernet have not missed the widely circulated news that Apple has deprecated Java in Mac OS and the upcoming Mac App Store. While missing out on the Mac App Store is kind of disappointing, the future of Java on the Mac platform is more than a little disconcerting.
For those that don’t know, we do most of our coding here in NetBeans, which makes us quite dependent on Java. If Mac OS is no longer a reliable development platform for Java, we’ll have to consider moving our systems from MacOS to Linux.
Here’s hoping that the people at Apple, Oracle, and the OpenJDK find a way keep Java alive on Macs without losing all of the Apple UI goodness that’s been crafted into it.
At Shernet we will carefully monitor the state of Java on Mac and make sure that CalypsoAdmin and all of our other utilities remain equally supported on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS, even that means some redundant coding on our part.

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