About Adam

Adam in ShanghaiAdam has worked professionally in Information Technology since 1999. He loves building teams to tackle technical challenges and the thrill of victory when they’re overcome.

He loves Linux, Windows, and macOS, coding (especially in C#), databases (especially PostgreSQL) and getting others involved in the world of open source software.

He sees no reason why his home shouldn’t be running a fully virtualized datacenter and is excitedly working on a video game startup in his spare time.

Adam loves to travel, making friends and sharing viewpoints with others around the world. Most recently he traveled to China and would like to thank all of wonderful people he met, especially all of the MBA students at Shandong University!

He received his MBA from the University of Connecticut (go Huskies!) .

If you think your company would not be complete with Adam, take a look at his résumé and get in touch!

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