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Fixing OpenVPN in pfSense After Static IP Change

I recently moved (yay me) and with the move came a new static IP address.

Unfortunately, changing the IP address in pfSense did not change it in the OpenVPN configuration as well.

If this happens to you, here’s the fix:

Log into pfSense, go to Status->Services and stop the OpenVPN service.

Next, SSH into the pfSense router with something like:

ssh root@[your router]

Once you are in, press 8 to get a shell

Enter the following command:

vi /var/etc/openvpn/server1/config.ovpn

Go to the line that starts with “local” followed by your external IP address

Change your current IP address to your new external address, then save and exit vi (the command for non-vi users is: :wq )

Go back to the pfSense web interface, go to Status->Services and start the OpenVPN service.

You should now be able to connect! (You’ll need to change your client configs as well if they are pointed to your IP rather than a DNS address)