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Restore OneDrive Happiness

I managed to make my OneDrive (aka lifeline) on Mac OS unhappy today. It would crash immediately upon opening.

I Bing’d around a bit, and came up with this fix:

Open Finder
Press: Shift-Command-G
Enter this path: ~/Library/Containers/ Support/onedrive/settings

Delete the file that ends in .dat

Reopen OneDrive and everything should be copacetic.

PS: This will cause OneDrive to rescan all of your files, but will not delete any files locally.

UPDATE 11/28/2016: I had some OneDrive weirdness again today. OneDrive Mac would not log in any Office 365 accounts. I had to delete the .dat files (as above) and also deleted the entire ~/Library/Containers/ folder.

After that, I re-launched OneDrive, and all was fine! 🙂