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Focus On Your Core Competencies

It’s something drilled into every MBA, day after day. It’s a simple mantra, but one easily forgotten as excitement around a project builds. I am always tempted to re-invent the wheel, just to see what kind of wheel I can come up with.

But, when you have a goal in mind, remember: you don’t need to roll your own JSON library, host your own Git repository, code a game engine from scratch. Keep it simple, and focus on what you do best.

PS: Also fight the urge to recode your Java app in C# because Visual Studio 2013 is all free now. Fight it. You can do it!

It couldn’t hurt to see how Mono runs in Centos these days though…

Encrypted, and it feels so good

Finally implemented SSL for CalypsoAdmin. Authentication was being handled by GSSAPI, so no passwords were being sent in the clear, but it’s nice have all of the LDAP data no longer in the clear.

The initial plan was to use TLS. TLS works fine under LdapContext, but that broke GSSAPI, which works fine under DirContext. For the time being, SSL seems to work fine with DirContext, so I’m putting it to rest until another day.