Lync 2011 Mac Keychain Error

Today Lync 2011 decided it was not going to log in. Each time I tried I got an error about the oc_keycontainer and a request for my password.

I tried just deleting all the oc_keycontainer entries from Keychain Access, but still no luck.

It turns out it’s necessary to also delete the OC_KeyContainer_[username] file from ~/Library/Keychains

Re-launch Lync, and all should be good.

2 thoughts on “Lync 2011 Mac Keychain Error”

    1. Zegalles,
      It could be because ~/Library is a hidden folder. Try this:
      Open a Finder window
      In the menu, choose Go->Go to Folder…
      Paste in this location: ~/Library/Keychains
      Once you’re in that folder, you should see a file that starts with OC_KeyContainer
      Let me know if you still have trouble!

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