Fixing the Windows 10 Photos App

I recently upgraded a whole bunch of Windows 10 desktops to build 1903. There were almost no issues, but I found a that more than a few had trouble with the Windows Photos app afterwards.

Here’s the collective wisdom I’ve found on how to fix it:

The Windows 10 Photos app is installed per user, so make to sure to log into the computer as the user having the problem.

First, remove the broken Photos app:

Open PowerShell (not as administrator)

Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.Windows.Photos | Remove-AppxPackage

Once it’s gone, you can re-install it from the Microsoft Store:

Open the Microsoft Store app

Search for Microsoft Photos

Click on the app, then click Get

If asked to sign in, you can click “No Thanks”

Click “Install”

After 15-30 seconds, Photos will begin to download.

That should do it!

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