Windows 10 Live ID with Custom Username

[Updated with instructions for latest Preview iso]

I finally got around to installing the Windows 10 Technical Preview. Loving the speed, Cortana, and new Start Menu! Though I am hoping those icons get some tweaking before release.

I did the really slick “sign in with Windows Live Account” thing, but didn’t like the “adamd” username it gave me.

You will be asked “Who owns this PC?”

If you want to choose your own username, but still have the Windows Live coolness, answer :

“My organization.”

Then “Join a domain.”

You won’t have to join a domain, but you will now be able to create a local account 🙂

Once you’ve signed in

Click Start and choose Store (beta)

start-storeClick the portrait icon

store-manEnter the password you used when you created your initial account during setup

passwordSign in with your Windows Live ID

-to-windows-liveClick Switch

switchAnd voilà! All the handy-dandy fun of using a Windows Live ID with a profile path you’ve come to know and love.


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